Hello, we are team Miller. 

We are Josh and Liz Miller. Josh is a programmer with a degree in graphic design and Liz is a teacher turned registered nurse. Together since 2005, we love travel, photography, and googley woogley cats. 

Josh (as told by Liz) is a pretty special guy. He loves to play with Legos and is always looking for the next best tech that he "needs". He often can be found doing housework while listening to an audiobook about cephalopods that will take over the universe. He also gets lost in parking lots, grocery stores, and our own home. 

Liz (as told by Josh) is an amazing woman. She has so many interests, you could never put them in a list. Liz has an eye for detail that some artists wish they had. Her snark comes with equal measures with her unspoken (but very deep) love. Baking, drawing, wreath making, photographing (is that a word?), and playing board games are just a few of the many interesting activities she might try to rope you into while visiting.